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What is Information Pioneers?

BCS_logosmall2.pngInformation Pioneers is a campaign from BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, that seeks to show how the contributions of five very different people helped to shape the information society that we live in today.

These five short films, created by an award-winning production team, demonstrate how information empowers people, and we hope they will encourage you to use IT as a tool to innovate, just like these Pioneers did.

BCS members helped us choose who to profile (check out our Top 150 for a longer list), but we want your input too. Vote for your favourite pioneer and tell us what you think about the videos here on this site, on Twitter, on our Facebook page or via email.


Five celebrity advocates tell the Pioneers' stories in the films:

PioneerCelebrityCeleb Bio
Ada LovelaceOrtis DeleyTelevision presenter and actor who is currently one of the presenters of The Gadget Show.
Alan TuringKate RussellTechnology reporter currently appearing on the weekly Webscape segment of the BBC flagship technology show Click.
Hedy LamarrMiranda RaisonActress who has appeared in shows such as SpooksMarried, Single, Otherand Dr. Who.  She will be at the Globe this summer playing Queen Anne Boleyn in William Shakespeare's Henry VIII.
Sir Clive SinclairPhil TufnellFormer English cricketer turned television personality.  Following his retirement in 2002, he has appeared on a number of television shows, including I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!A Question of Sport andStrictly Come Dancing.
Sir Tim Berners-LeeDom JolyTelevision comedian and journalist known especially as the star of Trigger Happy TV, a hidden camera show that appeared in over seventy countries worldwide.


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